AtaiTec Corporation was founded to help high-speed designers efficiently perform their daily SI tasks, including 2D/3D field solver simulation, circuit simulation, channel simulation, VNA/TDR measurements, and correlation, etc. Our Signal Integrity tools — ISD, ADK, X2D2 and MPX — were developed by SI engineers for SI engineers. Many tedious SI tasks were reduced to only one mouse click.

What We Do

We specialize in signal and power integrity modeling, simulation, and measurement correlation for IC, package, connector, cable, and board.

Our mobile-apps-like SI software together complements your 3D full-wave field solver, circuit simulator and VNA, and helps you correlate simulation and measurement results:

  • ISD (or in Situ De-embedding) is meant to replace TRL calibration and help save SMAs and board material.
  • ADK (or Advanced SI Design Kits) is a collection of many commonly used SI utilities that provide a one-stop solution for your SI analysis needs.
  • X2D2 is an ultra accurate 2D RLGC field solver with surface roughness model to help you define the PCB stackup and trace width/spacing for impedance control and desired insertion loss.
  • MPX (or Material Property Extractor) automates de-embedding, PCB material property extraction and report generation into just one mouse click.

Why We are Unique

In the industry, many hardware designers are not proficient programmers, and many software developers do not have hands-on experience on hardware design. With years of experience in both high-speed designs and SI software development, we are well-positioned to help our customers. How do we set up models, excitation, and boundary conditions for 3D full-wave solvers? How much error are we getting from the simulation or measurement data? To answer many of these questions, we need to know the fundamentals and limitations of boundary element method (BEM), finite element method (FEM), modified nodal analysis (MNA), and calibration methods (SOLT, TRL, unknown thru), etc.


Dr. Ching-Chao Huang, founder and president, has more than 30 years of high-speed design and SI software development experience. He was advisory engineer at IBM, R&D manager at TMA, SI manager at Rambus and Sr. VP at Optimal. Dr. Huang is an IEEE senior member and he has many patents and publications. He received his BSEE from National Taiwan University and MSEE and PhD from Ohio State University.