Mobile-Apps-Like Signal Integrity Software

from De-embedding to Material Characterization

In Situ De-embedding


In-Situ De-embedding (ISD) is a unique de-embedding tool invented by AtaiTec to address non-causality problems commonly found in the DUT results from other de-embedding tools.

Advanced Design Kit


Advanced SI Design Kits (ADK) is a collection of many SI tools. With mobile-apps-like ease of use, ADK significantly improves productivity.

Advanced 2D Solver


Material Property Extractor (MPX) extracts PCB material property (DK, DF, roughness) by matching de-embedded trace data with a field solver for all IL, RL, NEXT, FEXT and TDR/TDT. Automated into just one mouse click, MPX brings material characterization to a new level of simplicity and accuracy.